Public Art Party ( In a Bar or Restaurant etc.)

 $35. per person. Includes 1 drink, (on Art Party) fun times and laughter, and everything needed to create your work of art.  No experience needed. Canvas or wine glasses. Toni will walk you through step by step. 


***Hosting an Art Party in your establishment does not cost you. I sell tickets to your event for $35. per person. You choose the painting for the class. I bring table covers, table top easels, canvases and all the supplies for them to paint their work of art that they can bring home. They get 1 drink from your bar, on my tab, that I pay at the end of the event. Often they purchase additional drinks/food.

       What I need from you is, access to a sink for water to clean brushes, and a garbage can.

I can also bring the painting that we are painting for your event 7-10 days before to display at your establishment with a small sign to promote the event. If you are active on facebook, you can share the event for more promotion.

Private Art Party, Adult - BYO alcohol

At your home or office, Party, etc. You are more than welcome to BYOB (or wine, lol)

Minimum of 8 painters. Canvas, or wine glasses.

$25.00 per person. includes canvas and all supplies to create your masterpiece.

Private Art Party, Children

At your location. 

Minimum of 10 Children

$20. per child

Includes canvas (12X12), and supplies.

Only for specific child friendly sample paintings

Also included, create your own cupcake.

I bring vanilla and chocolate cupcakes and different frostings and toppings for each child to decorate their own cupcake.

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Fundraising at your location minimum of 20 people, max 60. Does NOT include drinks. $45. per person and you will earn $20 of that as a fundraiser. For example... 30 people = $600 or 60 people = $1,200. raised for you. 

There is a $200. Cancellation fee for any fundraiser cancelled within 21 days of scheduled event. (This is because the ticketing site charges me approx. $4.00 per ticket sold. I have to refund full amount of course, so I lose money.)

Canvas or Wine Glasses.

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